Studio Lighting With Mental Ray in 3DS Max 2014

Studio lighting with Mental ray made easy

Right? I think so anyways and the result is strikingly perfect, near impossible to recreate. If you think that you can do better, post a comment and show me. Okey, enough with the bragging, im not a Mental ray user (man, i just can’t stop bragging) but the key to any sweet looking studio setup is to have lights that can give out reflection and not just specular highlights.

The standard light does just that, give specular highlights there for we need the photometric lights since they are physical lights. The one i choose (target light/free light) works great for just that. Another option is to go for the mr sky portal and add a map/hdri on to it. My test with mr sky portal gave a not so good result and needed higher settings in the renderer to get a less awkward result – I can just imagine showing that to a client and he’s like… umh… yeah no money to be made there. Rock on good people!

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  1. Thanks for your clear concise explanations. I hope you continue to make these tutorials. I have found them extremely valuable.

    1. Post

      Thank you!
      I will continue making tutorials 🙂 I’m just on a very long and shameful break since 13 tutorials took all my energy 😛

      But i will be back 🙂

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