Lets Make Some Love With Vray And 3DS Max

We are now making some curly love with Vray and 3ds max!

Let’s go over how to make this awesome render that Nejc Polovsak and Nina Stajner did. If you are a beginner you should learn some nice techniques in this pretty long video 😛

We will be doing everything from start to finish so join me and my 3½ fans in this adventurous journey

I should not have to say this but this is for learning purpose only obviously 🙂

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  1. Hey Johannes, I am enjoying your tutorials. I am wondering if you can do a tutorial on rendering fine jewelry. There are a few out there but none of them come close to a photorealistic image. I am using 3DSMax and V-ray also I gave a try some of the Siger Studio tools but without much of a success. I can provide you with a 3D model if you are up to the task.

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