In Style of Cinema 4D Mograph Attraction In 3DS Max 2014

Cinema 4D is nice but so is 3ds max

When wanting to create something typical mograph ala Cinema 4d it usually requires particles and with pflow and it’s mParticles we can create some really complex and cool stuff very easy. Pflow being event based makes it an easy to use for beginners but just becouse it’s easy doesn’t make it less powerful.

Pro tip incoming with 3 “simple” – When you want to make some awesome animation with pflow try to think simple, usually the solution to whatever you want to create in pflow is very simple. It’s easy to start thinking out complex setups when starting but many times the solution is quite simple.

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  1. great tutorials. thanks so much… i want create a simulation about how borned sun, with particules. i search, i tried but i couldnt :)… can you make a tutorial about it?

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      1. nope :)… firstly sorry because my english is not good enough for tell my ideas…. stars born in dust. there is a dust cloud. it became a spiral dust like spiral galaxy. there is a mass like sphere shape in center at the moment and we cant see the star untill its burn. when its burn then our stars borned :)… there are 2 sample in links but they arent cool and video :)..1) img 1 2) img 2 … i hope you will understand :S

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  2. Hi there,

    really glad I found this site!
    I´ve been doing some medical animations for some time now, but I still struggle with Pflow and this tutorial just happened to help me right now while not even looking for it!

    Things going to places and sticking there is a quite common thing with little medical thingies…

    Another common thing I always need and always end up faking somehow:

    Getting textures to react to Particles.

    Like say: Little medical thingies flying to another thing and making that thing go BAD or even dissolving it….

    Can you maybe make a tutorial about that or just point me in the right direction here?
    Does Vraydistancetex work with Pflow for example?

    1. …yes it does! Yay! You just have to avoid the circular reference – lets say you have a plane set as the mesh for a Pflow with a Find Target, then you can´t apply a material with a Vraydistancetex to it, that references the Pflow, you have to clone the plane and apply the Vraydistancetex to the clone…

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  3. Noob, call it easy to do with Max… i have 8Years work with this fucking “3ds max” its a completly shit prog… i change to Cinama 4d… and now 2Years very happy :)… only the plugins for 3ds max is very good. 😉

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      So that makes me a noob? I see…
      They all do the same thing just different roads to get there.

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