Create an Animated GIF in 3DS Max 2015 and Photoshop CC

Gif anyone?

The ever so popular 1998 trend is reborn! In this tutorial we create a count upwards… damn it, should have been a countdown! The final one… get it?

Quick breakdown if you dont want to see the video

  • Do all your animation and beauty making in 3ds max (or any other program) and once that is done all you have to do is render this out to an image sequence.
  • Open up photoshop by clicking that icon that says “PS” and let it ripp your computer  for a moment and once it’s open just ctrl+O and add your images.
  • Then do a save for web.. and don’t forget to choose the gif to loop forever. Done… hero… profit.
  • You can also change the Dither if you get some banding, this can be done when you click the “save for web” in one of the dropdown boxes.


Links & Downloads

Inspiration comes from the whole web and a talented graphic artist over at Dribbble: Joe Ski

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