Bendy Bling Text in 3DS Max 2014

Let the bling shine upon you!

I thought it could be nice to make a tutorial about bending some text, having your text bent or at least angled some will give you some really nice reflections vs having them all straight. You could also make some cool animation this way having the text go from being bent to going straight. the possibilities are endless…. right? yeah okey, maybe not but still, it’s awesome!

This tutorial would not see the day of light without Mohamed Reda. You should check out his fine work over at Behance.

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If you want to grab the scene file, here it is!

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  1. what type of vray do you use ? when I add the plane light in vray, i don’t have the Targeted option. What should I use instead ? The simple target spot ? or target direct?

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  2. JOHANNES TINER that was a brilliant tutorial! Visually and on the learning side!
    Thanks again for sharing this knowledge with us all!
    Can i make a request?! How about a growing animated 3d comic type chat balloon that would pop from a character`s mind or something! That with those soft bodies Technics you teach on the other videos would be killer!

    Thank you again for this! All the best sir!

  3. Thanks Mr. Johannes Tiner . Your The video named “Bendy Bling Text” you had uploaded is helpful for the 3d designer . Grateful to you Mr. Johannes Tiner.

  4. Great job Mr. Tiner, but when Im applying vray physical cam, the render is completely black. Can you plz guide me regarding this.?

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      Hi Raza,

      This is because the exposure settings you have on the camera. Either play with the settings (f-number, shutter speed and ISO) or untick “exposure” to remove that feature.

      f-number, shutter speed and ISO all control how much light you get in the camera.
      But they also control som other things.
      – f-number controls the DOF.
      – Shutter speed controls the motion blur.

      If you dont care about the DOF or the motion blur you can just adjust one ( or more 🙂 ) of the 3 until you get a correct picture.

      You should also set the white balance to Neutral, white balance is better to do in post ( photoshop, after effects etc ) if needed imo.

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