Animation With The Attribute Holder in 3DS Max 2014

3D animation can be fun!

It’s a pain to animate the different modifiers such as the bend, twist etc. But by adding the Attribute Holder to the top of the stack you can easily animate everything there with some sliders and spinners. Total control over your modifiers makes it fun!

Pro tip incoming – If you want to animate the Edit Poly values remember to not add any extra details to it afterwards since that will break things.

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  1. Great tutorial. I do have a question . I would like to ideally use this technique for a character rig. My character is a cylinder shape and being able to use a the bend and twist modifier is preferred opposed to rigging with bones. The dilemma I have is linking arms and legs to the modified object. Is there a way to link another object to the modified object, so if it bends the objects position stays relative to the bend. Any suggestions?

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      You could use a dummy object and do an Attachment Constraint (Animation -> Constraints -> Attachment Constraint) and just position the dummy object where the arm should be using the face position in the attachment parameters.

      After you have your dummy where the arm should be just link (the chain icon to the top left) your arm to the dummy.
      Now the dummy will follow stuff such as the bend modifier and also physics etc thanks to the attachment contraint and the arm will follow the dummy.

  2. Thanks for the quick response! I will try this out and let you know if it works. Keep up the good work.

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