Ambient Occlusion with Vray in 3DS Max 2015

And then there was shadows!

Ambient occlusion is always useful to have, your renders will pop more with it! I will show you have to add a AO render element that you can use in your post production. Pro tip incoming – Using a inverted VrayDirt can be useful to achieve a dirty, rusty, banged up object.

Links & Downloads

This scene uses a free plugin from iToo Software called Clone, you can download it here

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  1. For some reason my render results are very noisy(( And i can’t figure out what makes this noise…

    1. Post

      You could add in some Vray render elements so you can toggle them and see. you can find them in the render elements tab in the render settings.
      But could it be noise from the vray dirt? You have a subdivs option in the VrayDirt shader, give it a higher number.

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