Upcoming Tutorial: Brake Disk

Time to make some car parts!

Hey guys! Hope everything is good with you all. I have an exciting tutorial that is in the making and wanted to make a upcoming post for you all. I don’t know much about cars but hey, you don’t have to be a mechanic to make these 😉 I have seen a lot of these on different sites and thought it could be cool to make one.

It’s easier than you think

Making a part like this is very easy, atleast the modeling part, the shader and lighting needs a lot of tweaking to get right since we are dealing with very reflective materials. I’m thinking that this could be part one of a two part tutorial were we in part two create the the rest of the wheel, if you guys want of course 🙂

As you guys most likely know, this will be a 3DS Max and Vray tutorial. We will cover some box modeling, spline modeling, setup some nice Vray shaders and then also create our own lights like we did in a previous tutorial and finally render it out.


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  1. Hi , whats up my name is amir and i work with 3d s max & V-ray for 6 years . I learn everything abut 3d max & V_ray. but even I cant “create fast” a” small kitchen” what can i do??? please help me . 6 year !!!! is it lost ???? please help me!.!

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  2. Hi Johannes,

    I am a professional 3D artist, I have seen your works it’s really amazing and I really want to keep in touch with you, let’s be friends? :)…

    Have fun … Keep rocking !!! .. 🙂

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  3. Hope you’ll have time to keep up with your tutorials, they are just great!
    Thank you so much for the work you did so far!

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  4. all your lighting tutorials is amazing but can you create a tutorial about a mography lighting any brand Smartphone+Amazing stuff like that we will appreciate

  5. We miss our Tiner tutorials!! Put a donate button on your site so we can motivate you and hear your sultry voice again 😛

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      A gold star comment right there! haha 🙂
      Pretty sure I wont be getting a donate button but I do appreciate the comment 🙂

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