Vray Custom Lights in 3DS Max 2014

Vray custom lights

It’s time to learn how to make some cool custom lights in Vray. Let’s also see how we can add constraints to them so it’s easier to move them around in our scene. So are you guys with me?! Let’s open up 3ds max and Vray and get started!


Vray HDRI Lighting in 3DS Max 2014

Do you want to know how to make a sweet looking render with the help of an hdri image? Awesome, this tutorial will show you how to do just that with Vray inside of 3ds max 2014. It’s not hard and it’s a must know when working in a 3d environment so let’s get rockin’


Studio Lighting With Mental Ray in 3DS Max 2014

In this Mental ray tutorial we create a simple studio setup with 3ds max 2014. We go over the different lights we have to choose from with Mental ray and then render a nice image with our trusted teapot.


Infinite Floor With Vray Inside 3DS Max 2014

Knowing how to create the infinite floor look is a must and we shall do just that in this Vray tutorial. It’s a very easy setup so everyone should be able to follow along. Are you ready to join me in this exciting adventure?


Studio Lighting With Vray in 3DS Max 2014

You want to know how to create a studio scene with Vray in 3ds max? You better since that is what we will be doing in this awesome short vray tutorial. With just a basic backdrop and a couple of softboxes we get ourselfs a beautiful 3d render. This could not be simpler so join me in this quick tutorial. Let’s rock!