Thinking Particles Destruction and Buildup

Have you ever destroyed something and then afterwards regretted that you did it? I will show you how to build it back up again with Thinking Particles in 3ds Max.

Create an Animated GIF in 3DS Max 2015 and Photoshop CC

Once upon a time there was a gif that was loved by all the cat and rainbow sites around the globe until one day when people realize how ugly it was… what happend really? Oh well.. welcome back 🙂 nah the gif’s nowadays are really nice.


Deformation with mParticles in 3DS Max 2014

Let’s continue on with some more mParticles. It’s time to start making some cool deformation. We will cover some basics about the glue operator and also a bit of camera animation with the camrig inside of the Animators Toolkit. Let’s get this show on the road!


Softbody dynamics with mparticles in 3ds max 2014

Let’s see how we can make some softbody dynamics with mParticles inside of 3ds max 2014. It’s useful for so many things and once you get the softbody going it’s not hard to get the metal denting happening. It’s easy to do and i know you want to learn how to do it!

Intro To Pflow mParticles in 3DS Max 2014

Let’s talk some about pflow and mParticles. In this intro to pflow mParticles in 3ds max 2014 we learn how to get started with the physics inside of pflow and we also cover some rules that we need to know.


In Style of Cinema 4D Mograph Attraction In 3DS Max 2014

Let’s create the popular effect that has been created so many times over, attraction! This is one of those things that we have seen many times by Cinema 4D users and it is a nice thing to know. Pflow is the tool to use when creating this, it’s easy, fast and most important, fun! Are you ready to rock?