Intro To Pflow mParticles in 3DS Max 2014

Let’s talk some about pflow and mParticles. In this intro to pflow mParticles in 3ds max 2014 we learn how to get started with the physics inside of pflow and we also cover some rules that we need to know.


Studio Lighting With Mental Ray in 3DS Max 2014

In this Mental ray tutorial we create a simple studio setup with 3ds max 2014. We go over the different lights we have to choose from with Mental ray and then render a nice image with our trusted teapot.


Infinite Floor With Vray Inside 3DS Max 2014

Knowing how to create the infinite floor look is a must and we shall do just that in this Vray tutorial. It’s a very easy setup so everyone should be able to follow along. Are you ready to join me in this exciting adventure?


Studio Lighting With Vray in 3DS Max 2014

You want to know how to create a studio scene with Vray in 3ds max? You better since that is what we will be doing in this awesome short vray tutorial. With just a basic backdrop and a couple of softboxes we get ourselfs a beautiful 3d render. This could not be simpler so join me in this quick tutorial. Let’s rock!


In Style of Cinema 4D Mograph Attraction In 3DS Max 2014

Let’s create the popular effect that has been created so many times over, attraction! This is one of those things that we have seen many times by Cinema 4D users and it is a nice thing to know. Pflow is the tool to use when creating this, it’s easy, fast and most important, fun! Are you ready to rock?


3D text bevel in 3ds max

Let’s go over the bevel profile modifier in 3ds max. It’s the go-to modifier when you want to create nice rounded edges for your text and splines. Like the name says, it’s the profile for your spline work so you can create any type of complex profile you want. The bevel profile modifier is not as user friendly like the one cinema 4d have but it has all the power to create any profile you would want.