Thinking Particles Leafs Stuff With VrayRT

I wanted to figure out the best workflow for using VrayRT GPU and Thinking particles so why not render something out aswell 🙂

Render TP with VrayRT GPU

So some of the things you need to know to start rendering TP with your gpu is that you can’t render your stuff straight from your TP setup, you need to export it out as alembic or click on that little checkbox that say “particle to object”. If you try and render it straight from TP you wont get any of your materials and it wont update your render view… such a bummer…

So what else, if you do an alembic export, make sure you are using the correct “Sub Samples” setting otherwise you can get flickering (your geo will be invisible on some frames, that could be because I used something in the Opacity slot tho..). Anyhow, you can ofc just set the sub sample to the maximum 10 and be good, this will ensure your get smooth animation if you want to do some slowmotion stuff. But what if you ain’t looking for any slowmotion?

Just make sure you match the sub Sample you have in your MasterDynamic, so don’t go below 1 that is.

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