So Much To Eat Yummy For My Tummy

Just messing around with some Thinking particles stuff after have seen one of Entagma Houdini videos on Vimeo: this one.

Wanted to render this with the GPU’s but the flashing light was a no go. Rendering with Vray RT GPU need some workaround and i did manage to get the animated intensity to work by letting TP control a 3ds max slider (from 0 to 1) and then let that slider control the shader intensity. And on top of that, still having TP active but not renderable, so only the Alembic is rendered. Why you ask? Otherwise the animated slider would be still.

But it only worked when using the active viewport aka no animation render (render sequence). As soon as i started doing an animation render the material was no longer animated.

This is one of the few things that sucks right now, and that is the material animation stuff that you can do with TP aint rendering with Vray RT :/

I think i’ve spent like 2 hours trying everything (i think) to get the animated light material to work when you start an animated render.

Will be playing around with this some more, need them material stuff god damit 🙂

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