Piggelin Ice Popsicle

Summer is here! And in sweden it last for 3 more days 😛

Piggelin Ice Popsicle is most likely the cheapest ice cream but oh so good 🙂 Nut much to say here really, sss shader, rendered with Vray. some particles for the “frost” and drops.

Shader can be downloaded on the free Vray shader page.


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  1. Man this is really cool! how do you create this material? Youre really good at close-up / product style renderings , do you have like interiors or Exteriors?

    1. Post

      Thanks 🙂
      You can download the shader on my free shader page. But it wont include the “frost” or water.
      For the frost i just spawned particles with a plane shape that had reflection and refraction with some glossieness.
      Same thing with the water, particles that sticked to the object and it being affected by gravity, then those particles spawned new particles. Then just used frost or any other particle to mesh plugin. Vray comes with one actully. 🙂

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