Easy And Cute Vray Cell Shading

I love the cell shading look and it’s so easy to do, sure you can go more complex but Iย think this is enough ๐Ÿ™‚

Cell Shader 3ds max

For those who don’t know how and wish to know how this was made you just in Vray ( that is what i’m using ๐Ÿ˜› ) add in a composite into your Self-illumination slot. And in your composite you create a Gradient Ramp and set the gradient Type to Lighting and Interpolation to Solid. This means that based on your lighting it will get a color from your gradient ramp, so highlight will get the colors from the right of the gradient and shadows will get colors from the left. Interpolation to solid just means there wont be any gradient just solid colors.

You could use a falloff instead of gradient map but with a gradient map you just have more control over your colors ๐Ÿ™‚ I then added a “shadow pass” that is just the same as the gradient we just added but this one is just black to white and then set that layer to multiply in your composite. Now this isn’t really neccessary since you can just make an extra color on the first gradient and make it darker but whatevva ๐Ÿ™‚

After that “pass” Iย added something we can call a rim light but it isn’t really since it’s not just adding a “rim” to the outer edges. This one was a Falloff Map with the falloff type set to Fresnel. Then just made a hard curve in mix curve graph… black and white obv. this layer is set to Screen.

Last one is a Ambient Occlusion with a Vray Dirt. And there is two Spot lights, one for casting a shadow, this one have excluded the object for Illumination and the second spot light is used to get the colors from the gradients, this one have no shadow. You can use Global illumination to get some nice looks since that would bounce lights and give some cool highlight but it’s not used here.

Longest post evva! A cookie is coming shortly if you read all of this mess ๐Ÿ˜›

Shader can be downloaded at the free Vray shader page.

Cell shading vray 3ds max

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  1. Man this looks awesome! Been looking for proper tut to get cell shaded output with vray, and this definitely is, if not, the best result – seriously google it. Ever since been trying to achieve this look, according to your notes up there the self illumination slot should take care of reflections?! How did you got the colors if the dirtmap is loaded in diffuse slot? Lights emit color? Curiosity is killing me man, i like this scene so much…
    Sharing is caring mate, if its not too much to ask! PS: already saved my ass once with your tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cheers mate, keep it up!

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  2. Greetings Tiner,

    I am struggling somewhat with the light setup, any idea why your shader renders just as black when using a regular 3dsmax spotlight, with vray activated? If im correct, vray itself does not have a spotlight?

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      Hey Stian,
      It works with any light. I assume you are pointing it to the object? ๐Ÿ™‚ I just tested it and it works, hmm.
      If you want you can send me the file via Dropbox or similar and i’ll have a look ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Tiner,
    I’m new to Vray and I can’t find these settings in Maya plus when I downloaded your shaders, they didn’t look like regular maya shaders.

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  4. Hey Tiner,

    Just tried your good looking shader, and I get the same resault as Stian, it’s just kinda black, and isnt looking like your render at all :)..

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  5. Hi Johannes,

    Any chance you can save out the materials for Max 2015?
    Tried to recreate it on my own but I must be doing something wrong.

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      Hey Thinus,
      Is the Material file really version dependent? Didn’t know that…
      Thought it should atleast handle a few versions down lol

      Not sure if there is a easy way to save out a mat lib file for lower versions, can’t fint any at least :/

      Here is a scene with that shader applied to the teapot, saved to 2015. Just use the “pick material from object” (looks like a color picker icon) and pick the teapot.
      Download the file here

  6. Hey Johannes,

    I know this is an odd request, but do you know if it is possible to replicate this technique in the Rhino version of Vray? The material settings are very different from 3ds Max and I can’t seem to find anything close to gradient ramps.


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  7. Hello !!! what a lovely material, can you update the file? there is only 4 material in your free materials. thanks!!!

  8. Hi Johannes, Do you know if it possible to do this with V-Ray for Maya? Me and my friend have been struggling with it for a few days now!

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