A Blooby Mess

Messing around with Thinking particles and it’s flow stuff.
Not much to say really, more than i hate the god damn video encoding… Everything i choose get blotchy, except for Sorenson Video 3 encoder, worked nicely on Vimeo, but on Youtube… not so much.

If i remember correctly, quicktime’s h.264 was also nice, not sure why people complain about it since it gives better quality than the regular one (and i tested with like 100K in bitrate). But ofc you need to do some hacks to get Quicktime encoder to work if you have more than 16 cores.

Oh well 🙂

The TP setup is easy, just a sphere gravity in the middle, animated material that gets activated on collision. Once a sphere die, new particles gets born inside that volume which are then use for the blobby stuff.


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  1. Nice little render! THe blotchy is i think due to there algorithm. Its like bit depth when using gradients, it looks like that. Perhaps add a little bit of noise so it thinks it has more colors, that helps in photoshop. perhaps also with encoding???

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