folding paper package for hires

  • January 5, 2017 at 2:24 pm #1266

    Hello! Can you see find the most flexible solution and record the lesson on the modelling and texturing of complex paper packages with specific details of paper foldings for photorealistic renderings?
    in 3ds max? With steps of folding for animation? from flat spline to fully folded package like milk package, or Happy Meal… ?
    I tried many ways, including modifiers, bones, etc. And I have not yet found a convincing solution and priority (( Including the nuances associated with the thickness of the paper/cardboard, rounded corners, curved edges, and mapping in the original unfolded state.

    It may be much more interesting to do a tutorial on the example of an origami crane… or something paper folded
    In any case it will be very interesting to hear your opinion on this theme =)

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