Ambient Occlusion with Vray in 3DS Max 2015

Time to get down and dirty with AO thanks to Vray Dirt. After only 10 minuts you will be able to create ambient occlusion with Vray like a pro! Let’s get things started.

Create an Animated GIF in 3DS Max 2015 and Photoshop CC

Once upon a time there was a gif that was loved by all the cat and rainbow sites around the globe until one day when people realize how ugly it was… what happend really? Oh well.. welcome back 🙂 nah the gif’s nowadays are really nice.


Bendy Bling Text in 3DS Max 2014

I saw this awesome looking render over at Behance and just had to re-create it and show you guys! It looks sweet and is easy to do so everyone can follow along. Using some modifiers and some magic and poff, we have a winner. Let’s rock and roll!


Deformation with mParticles in 3DS Max 2014

Let’s continue on with some more mParticles. It’s time to start making some cool deformation. We will cover some basics about the glue operator and also a bit of camera animation with the camrig inside of the Animators Toolkit. Let’s get this show on the road!


Vray Custom Lights in 3DS Max 2014

Vray custom lights

It’s time to learn how to make some cool custom lights in Vray. Let’s also see how we can add constraints to them so it’s easier to move them around in our scene. So are you guys with me?! Let’s open up 3ds max and Vray and get started!


Camera Jiggle With The Spring in 3DS Max 2014

Get a crazy awesome camera animation in 3ds max by adding the spring to your camera. It can be hard to get an interesting camera animation so here is a 3d tutorial about just that. It’s time to make some nice camera animations!