A Blooby Mess

If i remember correctly, quicktime’s h.264 was also nice, not sure why people complain about it since it gives better quality than the regular one (and i tested with like 100K in bitrate). But ofc you need to do some hacks to get Quicktime encoder to work if you have more than 16 cores. Oh well

So Much To Eat Yummy For My Tummy

Just messing around with some Thinking particles stuff after have seen one of Entagma Houdini videos on Vimeo: this one. Wanted to render this with the GPU’s but the flashing light was a no go. Rendering with Vray RT GPU need some workaround and i did manage to get the animated intensity to work by letting TP control a 3ds …


Free Vray Neon Scene in 3ds Max

Vray Neon logo

Get yourself a free Vray Neon logo scene in 3ds max. Had nothing better to do and thought it could be good for beginners, there might be something in there you could learn from. This is inspired by Squarespace Neon logo.


Free Coca Cola Can 3D Model

Coca Cola Render Vray

Free Coca Cola can for 3ds max, i’ll include the full scene and the vray shader as-well, oh, and an OBJ for everyone else :). No displacement is used, just hand modeled.


Thinking Particles Destruction and Buildup

Have you ever destroyed something and then afterwards regretted that you did it? I will show you how to build it back up again with Thinking Particles in 3ds Max.