Vray HDRI Lighting in 3DS Max 2014

Posted by Johannes Tiner 2 years ago

Do you want to know how to make a sweet looking render with the help of an hdri image? Awesome, this tutorial will show you how to do just that with Vray inside of 3ds max 2014. It’s not hard and it’s a must know when working in a 3d environment so let’s get rockin’

What we will cover in this 3ds max Vray tutorial

  • How to light a scene with an hdri image
  • What options you have when lighting your scene with an hdri
  • How to get sun-like shadows (hard shadows) with only an hdri image

Those who can’t light, light with hdri

Lighting a scene with an hdri image could not be easier. All you need is a quality hdri that suites the mood/look you’re going for, after that the work is pretty much done. You can even get the hdri to act like a sun, lowering the gamma gives the hdri more contrast, makes it stronger and give you a harder shadow just like the sun. Keep in mind that if you have an hdri image of lower quality you might get a bad result. I know you are very eager to become the next top graphic artist and there for lowering the gamma abit too much just because you can, don’t. You surpassing my awesomeness is something i just can’t accept. Rock on friends!

  1. katia

    Great Tutorial!! Can you send me the scene file?? Thanks

    1. Here you go:
      DL here

      You will need to add your own hdri map to this.

  2. Albe

    Hi Johannes! I downloaded the scene file but I have a problem, when loading the file into 3ds 2014 there was a warning message saying something like “turbosmooth pro dllm is missing” and the apples are all floating one over another forming a line over the bowl.

    Probably the dllm thing is not an issue for me but I wonder if you have used any tool in 3ds to place randomly or filling the bowl with the apples so I could avoid using the move tool.

    thanks for everything!

    1. Ah, yes, i used turbosmooth pro instead of the regular Turbosmooth, sorry about that.
      The spheres are all baked down so you should just scrub the timeline so they fall down.

  3. Albe

    never mind! :)

  4. kiwi

    how can i make the shadows?

    can you give me the HDR? please THX

    1. Lora

      yeah :)) can u give us the HDR ?? Thanks in advance

  5. kiwi

    i can not make shadows that like the viedo.

  6. Matt

    Hey Johannes,

    your tutorials are great, I learn so much so quickly and not so serious!!


    1. Johannes Tiner

      Thanks :)

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