Studio Lighting With Vray in 3DS Max 2014


Make your 3d products shine with a nice studio setup in vray

This is perfect for those product shots, easy, fast and looks (usually) good. There are so many ways of positioning lights so just experiment with it but remember that sometimes less is more, and i could make a joke here but let's move on. Vray-RT (vray's realtime renderer) really do shine when it comes to light setups, with it you get realtime feedback on how the illumination looks but most important, how the reflection looks. Getting those nice reflection to look just right can be tricky (luckily i'm a known pro at this...) but with Vray-RT it's so simple. Pro tip incoming - Remember that it's not wrong to also be using a hdri when doing this, trust me, it's sweeter than candy!

Johannes Tiner
Johannes Tiner
Johannes is the name and i'm the president and owner of where i'm trying to teach what I learn.


  1. Tudor says:

    Is this very good? YES!

  2. Alex says:

    Thnx, just what i need!!!!

  3. Giovanni says:

    Awesome Tuto, man!!!

  4. Mmm says:

    Hey, are you tired/bored during the video? =P

    Anyway, great first steps tutorial!

  5. arash says:

    it’s great .. so thanks tiner.. :)

  6. Ruben Carvajal says:

    my renders r never like yours, im sure is cause my render stp configuration.. can u give me the render stp that u usually use. there is in some tuttorial?? help me im so frustate

    • Hey!
      Could it be that you don’t have GI on? or that the display sRGB button isnt pressed if you using the vray frame buffer?

      I could not find the scene file for the tutorial so i made one for ya that you can check out, far from perfect but maybe it helps :)

      Just some quick notes, 2 of the lights i have set to not affect the floor.
      And make sure you render with the camera and not in the perspective view.
      Also have the sRGB button checked.

      DL files here

      Hope it helps :)

  7. Adam Omara says:

    thank you , render fast and looks great , rip ur keyboard :p

  8. Andre says:

    Hello! Thankyou for tutorial Johannes! May I ask how have you rendered it so good without a camera? Thankyu.

    • Johannes Tiner says:

      Hi Andre,

      It’s not neccessary to have a camera, altho I guess I should recommend using it since you with a camera can adjust focal length etc. Exposure controls you can add without a camera in the environment tab (I think).

      To answer your question, I didn’t really do anything special at all so thank you 😛

  9. alvaro barroso says:

    Johannes, thanks a million for sharing your knowledge and taking the time & effort of making the videos, I hope to get very good as well in 3ds and give back to the community another tutorial that may help another person starting!
    Keep it up!

    • Johannes Tiner says:

      Thank you!
      And yes you should definitely make tutorials once you feel ready, it’s very rewarding and a good way of promoting yourself.

  10. Ilyas Muhammadi says:

    I dont know why i am saying this but you are amazinggggggggg

  11. Hildevar says:

    Thx First… great tutorial dude… in next tutorial talk about walkthroug ou animation with camera in vray… I need to make animation… jejejeje

  12. Tim says:

    Great tutorial! Can you add some comments about adding HDRI lighting to a scene like this. More along the lines of what type of hdri would you use…office, warehouse, outdoor, artificial (like some “studio” HDRI files you can find online).

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